About Us

woodindustryed.org was conceived by a diverse group of industry professionals as a means to bring together resources to assist those in search of jobs and career advancement within the wood products manufacturing and related industries.

The goals of woodindustryed.org:

  • To assist students in finding woodworking and related industry career prep programs in the schools; to supply information on scholarships and competitions; and to provide other supportive resource leads
  • To identify continuing education and training courses offered at schools and through companies for industry professionals who wish to enhance their current skills
  • To connect educators to other institutions and programs for networking; to identify competitions and scholarships for students; and to locate training and related industry information to enrich their skills
  • To aid and inspire industry to locate schools in their region to find potential employees and to explore mutually beneficial collaborations
  • To dispense useful information on scholarships, competitions and awards; relevant associations; trade magazines; industry events; and collaborative projects between the industry and education sectors

AWFS® is the largest national trade association in the US representing the interests of the broad array of companies that supply the home and commercial furnishings industry, and is the sponsor of the AWFS®Fair, a biennial trade show in the odd-numbered years in Las Vegas. AWFS® is a strong supporter of industry education.

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