Education Associations

American Forest Foundation

Non-profit education and conservation organization that encourages long-term stewardship of the environment and natural resources. Sponsors various projects.

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)

Largest national assoc. dedicated to education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. Has a Business-Education Partnership to encourage growth of a highly skilled workforce. Operates in all fifty states. Publishes Techniques magazine (see listing under Trade Press).

Association of Canadian Community Colleges

ACCC is a member association for Canadian colleges and institutes to government, business, and industry. ACCC links college capabilities to national industries and offers a comprehensive searchable database of Canadian post-secondary schools.

California Industrial and Technology Education Association (CITEA)

The mission of CITEA is to promote and support Industrial Technology Education (ITE), Vocational Education, and Regional Occupational Program teachers, students, administrators and programs throughout the State of California, through the use of communication, dissemination, and advocacy.

Mass TEC

An educational association for CTE educators in Massachusetts.

Michigan Industrial & Technology Education Society (MITES)

A non-profit organization that supports Michigan teachers and students in the areas of Industrial and Career & Technical education.

National Consortium for Career Technical Education (NCCTE)

NCCTE is a group of the nation's leading universities that provide career and technical education to instructors and administrators, with a goal of improving CTE at the secondary and post secondary levels.


A national, student professional organization based at schools that builds skills for employment as well as personal and leadership skills. Offers skills competitions up to the national level, with awards and scholarships. Appropriate for high school, ROP and post secondary students.

Society for Wood Science and Technology (SWST)

SWST provides school accreditation for wood programs and publishes the Wood and Fiber Science Journal. The website has useful information for students such as research and publications.

Technology Student Association

Student organization that promotes problem solving, critical thinking and leadership in areas of design, manufacturing, construction and others, and strives to meet the needs of students in a changing technological world.

Temperate Forest Foundation

Concerned with responsible consumption of natural resources. Brings credible scientific info to public. Has extensive educational resources.

The New England Association of Woodworking Teachers

An association founded in the New England region to combat the "isolation factor" felt by woodworking teachers. Most communication is via e-mail; meets once or twice a year. Could serve as model for other regions. Their content-rich web site, hosted by Woodcraft, aims to lead an initiative in reversing the trend of disappearing wood programs, advancing wood technology curricula and increasing strategic partnerships.

Wood Education and Resource Center (WERC)

This information has been developed for employers and employees of wood products manufacturing businesses and service providers.

World Forestry Center

A non-profit educational institution that includes a museum, a tree farm and the World Forest Institute which offers conferences, a fellowship, publications and other research resources.

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