MFG Day 2020

SWM Presents Careers in the Wood Industry

Check out this video about working at an architectural woodworking company!

SWM Hosted Live Zoom Q&A Sessions

on FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2, 2020 for MFG Day 2020

Watch the 9:00 a.m. session recording with Saúl Martín and Jim Irving:

Watch the 1:00 p.m. session recording with Saúl Martín and Lucía Morales:

Watch the 2:00 p.m. session recording with Saúl Martín and Lee Schuette:

Learn about the Industry Pros featured in the MFG Day Q&A Sessions:


9:00 a.m. session:

1:00 p.m. session:

2:00 p.m. session:

Check out these videos:

Saúl Martín from AWC for Career Day

Interview with Thomas Tuck, Machinery Sales

Careers in the Classroom: Saúl Martín and Whitney Pyle

Interview with Beau Pray, Blum Apprentice

Careers in the Classroom: Hannah Khalaf and Seth Nardo

Interview with Morgan Chiarelly, Event Marketing

Interview with Saúl Martín, VP Manufacturing

Interview with Audrey Brewer, Machinery Marketing

Find more videos about Careers in the Wood Industry here


Wood Industry Infographics

Where to learn about woodworking after high school…

Check out this presentation featuring 13 different woodworking programs throughout the country

Explore this website:

This website has education and training information for the wood manufacturing and related industries, including a searchable database of schools, colleges, technical centers and companies that offer training programs. There are also listings of scholarships, awards and competitions; trade organizations and events; as well as job listing links and a blog.


Watch the “Meet the New Face of Manufacturing” Videos

…and learn about eleven outstanding young professionals in the wood products manufacturing industry!


Meet the New Faces of Manufacturing!

Spotlight: Adam K, furniture project manager

Spotlight: Thomas T, machinery sales representative

Spotlight: Jess B, product and furniture designer

Information for Educators:

Power Point of Careers in the Wood Industry (pdf)

Go here for more presentations and classroom resources; contact Tovi Spero at for more info.

Society of Wood Manufacturing (SWM) Fosters Wood Industry-Education Partnerships in Southern California

SWM supports SkillsUSA CA regional and state events, MFG Day events, and other projects and activities to help school programs. Join today for free!

Woodwork Career Alliance (WCA)

The Woodwork Career Alliance is a not-for profit industry trade organization responsible for the development of the Woodwork Manufacturing Skill Standards. The standards focus on the set up, safety, proper use and processes of the most common tools and machines used in the industry. WCA’s Passport Certification Program assesses individuals on the various skills towards earning stamps for their Passport booklet. The skill standards, assessments and passport are appropriate for students as well as industry professionals. The Sawblade Certificate is especially geared to high school students. Teachers and industry representatives can be trained as skill evaluators to conduct assessments.

AWFS Fair: July 20-23, 2021 in Las Vegas, NV

This is a “Top 100” biennial international trade show, with over 600 exhibitors (woodworking machinery and supply manufacturers) and 15,000 attendees (wood products manufacturers) in 300,000 sq ft of exhibit space. The AWFS Fair features the College of Woodworking Knowledge (CWWK) educational seminar program which includes sessions many aspects of woodworking and a special Teacher Track for Woodworking Educators.

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