Architectural Millwork

Architectural Millwork Wood Programs

Architectural millwork is primarily created using a mill to cut wood and create ornate lines for pieces of molding or panels. Architectural millwork wood pieces are custom made for commercial or residential use. Any woodworking school will provide a hands-on approach to architectural millwork, with a combination of industry training and instructional courses to work on projects. At many training facilities, real-world projects are assigned to students to give them firsthand experience in the architectural millwork. Wood technology relates to machining, processes and technology involved in architectural millwork and the creation of secondary wood products. Architectural millwork wood programs cover such areas as lean manufacturing, waste management, architectural history, and tooling and techniques. Knowledge of general machining, tools and materials is desired but not always required, depending on the course level.

Architectural Millwork Woodworking Projects Include:

Crown molding
Door and window panels
Furniture pieces

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