Architectural Woodwork

Architectural Woodwork and Wood Technology

Architectural millwork is primarily created using a mill to cut wood and create ornate lines for pieces of molding or panels. Architectural woodwork includes crafting wood pieces such as crown molding, baseboards, stair details and door and window panels. These wood pieces are custom made for commercial or residential use. Any woodworking school will provide a hands-on approach to architectural woodwork, with a combination of industry training and instructional courses to work on projects. At many training facilities, real-world projects are assigned to students to give them firsthand experience in the architectural woodwork. Wood technology relates to machining, processes and technology involved in architectural woodwork and the creation of secondary wood products.

Cabinetmaking, Carpentry, Cabinetry

Cabinetmaking and cabinetry both utilize specific wood working equipment to create cabinets, shelving and furniture pieces. Architectural woodwork consists of finishing and repairing wood objects and structures utilizing an array of woodworking skills, and can include the creation of cabinets, furniture, ships, movie sets or building frames. Architectural woodwork classes for carpentry are available all over the United States, and can prepare students for projects inside or outside the home. A woodworking school can help prepare students studying carpentry for a wood career in architectural woodwork by combining coursework with hands-on instruction.

There are over 1,000 opportunities for wood working training online using our database. You can find an online woodworking school or other wood careers in your area with easeósome schools even offer adult ed woodworking classes. Specialized woodworking machinery is used in wood manufacturing, including mills, drills and lathes. Depending on your specific area of study, you will receive firsthand experience using the tools necessary to perfect and finish projects.

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