Furniture Design

Enrolling in a Furniture Design Program

Furniture design begins with form and modeling, followed by technical drawings of that particular piece. The history of furniture design and past design and manufacturing processes are also covered in furniture design classes and seminars and can help students select a wood working project that is perfect for them. Students in furniture design acquire a variety of skills in furniture design programs, including technical drawing, machine tooling and architectural design elements. Basic furniture designs involve an understanding of form and function, as well as what materials would work best for a particular piece. Industrial technology and industrial design students learn how the design of a product can combine function, aesthetics and value for the end user. Furniture design training courses usually consist of classroom learning combined with real world experience on the job or in a simulated environment. The final product of many furniture design classes will be a finished piece of furniture. This original piece will showcase a functional and stylish woodworking design. A degree in furniture design will prepare students industrial design, engineering, architecture, industrial maintenance or machine technology and operation. To showcase completed work and possibly enter contests, students can attend a furniture design fair, which features cutting edge woodworking designs by wood working students from a variety of schools.

There are over 1,000 opportunities for wood working training online using our database. You can find an online woodworking school or other wood careers in your area with easeósome schools even offer adult ed woodworking classes. Specialized woodworking machinery is used in wood manufacturing, including mills, drills and lathes. Depending on your specific area of study, you will receive firsthand experience using the tools necessary to perfect and finish projects.

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