Furniture Education

Furniture Education

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Furniture training schools provide instruction and hands-on courses in furniture design and furnishings for a comprehensive furniture education. Furniture programs combine conceptual design with practical skill—the process is a mastery of that particular discipline in conjunction with the learned skill of manufacturing that particular piece. Furniture designs can range from classic to modern, and are made with a variety of materials, tools and finishes.

Furniture Competitions

A furniture education offers many levels of exposure to the industry and real world projects. Furniture design competitions are held several times each year in a variety of industries. Types of furniture contests range from the design of specific pieces, such as patio furniture, or furniture design that reflects a certain theme, such as relaxation. ‘Green’ furniture has become very popular recently, and ways to reduce the impact of manufacturing on the environment by using certain materials. Prizes from a furniture competition can include monetary compensation, scholarships, awards and other forms of recognition.

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