Manufacturing Technology

Wood Manufacturing Technology

Manufacturing technology is responsible for wood manufacturing jobs in the wood industry that enable the creation of manufactured wood products. Manufacturing technology involves the creation and usage of certain tools and tooling techniques to create secondary wood products. Manufacturing technology courses focus on skill development applicable to all areas of manufacturing including management, design and planning, testing, producing and fabricating products and equipment, with applications including non-traditional processes and state of the art technologies used by wood manufacturers. Manufacturing technology wood programs can vary, in that they generally cover manufacturing technologies, machines and creations of wood products using woodworking machinery. Wood manufacturing technology utilizes many wood working tools to create wood products. Broad-based curriculum combines product design and manufacturing, design of manufacturing system design, materials and manufacturing processes, management and research.

There are over 1,000 opportunities for wood working training online using our database. You can find an online woodworking school or other wood careers in your area with easeósome schools even offer adult ed woodworking classes. Specialized woodworking machinery is used in wood manufacturing, including mills, drills and lathes. Depending on your specific area of study, you will receive firsthand experience using the tools necessary to perfect and finish projects.

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