Wood Working Projects

Wood Working Projects

Components of Wood Working Projects

Wood working projects can range from furniture to crown molding to wood paneling. Depending on your particular project, there are processes to follow for each to get a perfect finished product:

  • Wood Working Design
    • Each project begins with a wood working design. For example, to create a piece of crown molding, a design is mapped out using a computer-generated template.
  • Wood Working Machine
    • Each project needs wood working machines to cut the project to size specs. For crown molding, after the design is finished, the pieces of wood are cut to specifications.
  • Wood Working Tool
    • Each project requires specialized wood working tools to create detailed work on the piece. For molding, depending on the detail needed,smaller tools are then used to create an inlay or curved shape to the pieces of wood.
  • Wood Working Equipment
    • Each project needs specific wood working equipment, as well as tools, to ensure the wood working project is of the highest quality. The final touches are then put onto the pieces of wood, using specific equipment, to achieve the desired look and feel.

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