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Looking for information about a job in the woodworking industry or to improve your skill set for a current position? Want to acquire a new skill?

There are many ways to learn more about wood working. Wood is one of the most natural resources here on earth, and contributes to a lot of what we see, smell, touch and use on a daily basis. There are many wood working available on a variety of subjects, such as how to use wood in a sustainable way or how to work on a particular wood project. A wood working book can help you understand how a certain tool works and what the finished product could be, such as carving a wooden bowl. Many companies have woodworking catalogs that sell wood products and pieces, like crown molding or kits to assemble furniture. A wood working catalog can also feature safety information and products, as well as machinery and tools needed for wood projects. Wood working forums are a great way to connect with others in the field or anyone else interested in wood working. Online, a wood working forum will have topics ranging from troubleshooting projects to general information and classifieds. Wood working shows can also provide someone interested in wood working the opportunity to see projects people are working on, as well as learn about the latest technologies and techniques in the industry. A wood working show may be focused on one area of wood working, such as furniture making, or can be a general gathering of wood professionals.

The Association of Woodworking and Furniture Suppliers (AWFS) is the largest woodworking association for companies supplying the home and commercial furnishings industry. AWFS runs Woodinsutryed.org, and hopes to help individuals working in or interested in the wood products industries by providing this free resource to connect organizations with people who wish to learn or expand their skill set.

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