Woodworking Machinery

Specialized Woodworking Machinery For Wood Products

There are several components to the woodworking machinery, used in both wood manufacturing and in woodworking classes. Students and professionals can receive a hands-on approach to learning about each woodworking machinery tool used to create wood products and create their own products.

Woodworking Machinery Used in Wood Manufacturing

  • Sanders
    • Used to smooth out wood surfaces and prep them for paint, primer or stain
  • Mills and Lathes
    • Used in architectural millwork, millwork and other architectural woodwork piece such as molding
  • Table Saws
    • Used to cut pieces of wood for wood projects, vary in size depending on size of wood panels required
  • Planers
    • Used to smooth out wood surfaces and cut larger pieces of wood
  • Log Makers/Grinders
    • Used in making logs for lumber

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