Connecting with Schools

Resources to help you connect with education


Here are some resources we discussed in our session.

Learn about these school programs:

Workforce Resources and Info for our Industry:

Tovi Spero, AWFS Education Director



Promote the YouWood website

This is an industry-wide initiative to promote careers in the wood industry. This coalition was founded by AWFS, WMMA, WMIA, AWI and other associations within our industry. Read this article about how you can help the YouWood website continue to represent our industry!





Watch the InDepth video: Get to Know the Wood Industry

This video was produced in 2021 as a partnership between AWI, AWFS, and WCA.


Explore this website:

This is a resource web site developed by AWFS, consisting of education and training information for the wood manufacturing and related industries. Appropriate for educators, students, industry professionals and those seeking career and skill enhancement information, it contains a searchable database of schools, colleges, technical centers and companies that offer a wealth of education and skill enhancement programs – from short courses to graduate degrees, from hand-crafted to high tech. There are also listings of scholarships, awards and competitions; trade organizations and events; as well as job listing links and a blog.






POSTER-2-E-format_FINAL-201x300“Meet the New Face of Manufacturing” Campaign poster and videos

“Meet the New Face of Manufacturing” is a comprehensive marketing effort to acquaint and interest young people in careers in wood products manufacturing. We want to convey the reality of 21st century manufacturing – it is modern, high-tech, offers varied and challenging careers and is ready to welcome the next generational workforce. The campaign launched in Fall 2014 with posters highlighting the variety of personalities and lifestyles available for those seeking careers in wood products manufacturing.

For a FREE copy of the “New Faces” poster, which contain a QR code linking to this
page of resources, send a request to (include your name, mailing address, and quantity).  Please share this with career counselors,
parents, school administrators, industry partners, or others who guide students in career choices. See the official 2014 press release here.


Watch the “Meet the New Face of Manufacturing” Videos

…and learn about eleven outstanding young professionals in the wood products manufacturing industry!


Meet the New Faces of Manufacturing!

Spotlight: Adam K, furniture project manager

Spotlight: Thomas T, machinery sales representative

Spotlight: Jess B, product and furniture designer

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