Skills Gap and need is more dire since 2015 report

Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte Release Updated 2018 Skills Gap Report

You may have already seen that last week the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte published the highly anticipated 2018 update to their oft-referenced Manufacturing Skills Gap study. The need is even more intense than the last report in 2015. You can download the full report and the synopsis, and see infographics here: And this article is a good summary: Some highlights from the article/report: “The (skills gap) problem is only expected to worsen. As many as 2.4 million jobs may go unfilled over the next 10 years, according to the study. That could put at risk $454 billion in manufacturing value — or 17% of forecasted[...]

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Webinar – Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation: The Path to Profitability

(AWFS held this webinar with CMTC on Tuesday, November 6, 2018) WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING HERE SEE THE PPT PRESENTATION COMPLETE THE SMART MANUFACTURING ASSESSMENT Description: Currently, we are witnessing a strong shift in customer behavior and expectations, which, in turn, is creating a radical long-term change in the relationship between customers and companies in the woodworking industry. Customers have a greater impact on how companies plan production, as their demands can be heard loud and clear — a result of cloud, mobile and social technologies. Customers are no longer in a position where they have no choice; rather, they’re in a position to inform[...]

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Running Theme: Shortage of Skilled Workers

Have you noticed lately how the "shortage of skilled workers" is becoming a critical and urgent theme? Rightly so, manufacturing is expected to grow, but many industries are concerned that they will not have enough skilled workers to maintain it. This supplier is doubling it's plant, and will soon need 200+ more workers. This well-known manufacturer can't find skilled workers fast enough. This teacher is concerned that not enough students are available for opportunities from industry. And this article states that as many as 2 million may go unfilled in the next decade due to the skills gap! What is causing this problem? What can[...]

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