Webinar: Join the Movement, Host a MFG Day Event!

On-demand webinar recording available

Webinar: Join the Movement, Host a MFG Day Event!


from the AWFS webinar Join The Movement, Host a MFG Day Event!

held on Jun 7, 2018 10:00 AM PDT

Looking for a way to attract skilled workers? Would you like to connect students interested in woodworking-related careers? Have you considered hosting a company tour or open house? 64% of students who attend a company tour or open house are “more motivated to pursue a career in manufacturing”!

MFG Day – a national campaign to increase student awareness of manufacturing careers – provides resources to help you plan your company event.

AWFS hosted a webinar on Thursday, June 7, 2018 about how to get involved in MFG Day. In this webinar we:

1. Learn about the skills gap and MFG Day

2. Walk through the steps in setting up a MFG Day tour/event

3. Explore resources available on the MFG Day website

4. Hear from four wood industry companies who have hosted MFG Day events

Watch the recording to learn more and prepare for your MFG Day event!

Find other resources about MFG Day here: https://www.woodindustryed.org/mfg-day-2018-resources/

Questions: contact AWFS Education Director Adria Salvatore adria@awfs.org or (323) 215-0311

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