Wood Industry Pros Create Career Day Videos

During lockdown, schools seeking more online content on industry careers

Wood Industry Pros Create Career Day Videos

Society of Wood Manufacturing (SWM) group members recently created videos about their careers in the woodworking industry.

Current SWM President Saul Martin produced a 2 minute video with a quick tour around his shop while he talked about his role and responsibilities at Architectural Woodworking Company in Los Angeles. Diana Ramirez prepared a 1.5 minute video about her career at Reborn Cabinets in Anaheim. Both Saul and Diana have been at their employers for the majority of their careers and are passionate and accomplished members of their teams. Thank you to Diana Ramirez for bringing this opportunity to the SWM group after it was asked of her by a teacher at California Elementary School in Orange, CA!

We are always interested in more video content, this is an important and valuable way for students to learn more about career opportunities in the woodworking industry, especially during this current time of limited in-person contact. If you have a video to share about your career or company, please contact Adam Kessler at adam@awfs.org or (323) 215-0312.

Watch Diana’s video:

Watch Saul’s video:


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